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We have five excellent spas to choose from for your weekend or weeks hire. The Spa n a Box is the most portable spa of them all, this will fit through any doorway, gateway and entry. Next we have the Swift Spa (a portable spa with the feel of a hard shell spa) still a very portable hot tub once again access should not be an issue. Then we move onto the hard shell spas, the Canterbury a 4/5 seater hot tub with 2 speed pump, lights, waterfall and ozone as standard. Finally we have the Luxury Spas the Omni Hot Tub a luxury hard shell spa which seats 5/6 and also has 2 speed pump, lights and ozone and we also have the largest hot tub on offer the Relax a whopping 7 seater but please ensure you have the access to get this impressive spa into your chosen location.


The Spa n a Box

View the Spa n a Box for hire Spa in a box for rent From £135.00


The Swift Spa

The Swift Current Spa For Hire  Hire The Swift Spa From £135.00


The Canterbury

Hire the Canterbury   Canterbury Waterfall  From £160.00


The Luxury Omni

Hire the Omni  Hire the Omni From £220.00


The Luxury Relax - New For 2017

Hire the Relax   Relax for hire  From £275.00

Payment by cheque shall be cleared before delivery, or by cash on delivery.

Delivery and installation in Leicestershire and Rutland will be free for all other locations please contact us for delivery costs.

What you require at home,

Base or site,
A flat level base to site the spa, this can be slabbed, concrete, blocks, decking or any firm hard standing stones or gravel are not suitable for the Spa n a Box or Haliburton. Grassed areas are not ideal but in some cases using such as OSB board (2 x 8ft x 4ft boards) or similar this may be possible, if the ground is flat level and hard during the summer months a plastic sheet (to be supplied by the customer) could be used but please consult us for advice.

Electric and water supply,

You will also require of course access to electric and a water supply, all our hot tubs and spas come with a cable and plug however if this will not reach your supply please ensure that you have a suitable extension cable available. The spa will be filled using your hosepipe from your domestic supply if you do not have a hosepipe please let us know and we can bring one for you to use.The Spa n a Box and Haliburton will take approx 24hrs (up to 30hrs during the winter months and 48hrs in extreme weather conditions) to heat up to full temperature. The Canterbury and Omni will take approx 12 hours to reach full temperature. All the spas can be helped to reach full temperature by using hot water from the household domestic supply.

Extend your hire,
Should you enjoy your hot tub or spa experience so much you would like to extend your hire period please contact us for a quote on the additional costs.

Try before you buy,
Should you decide during your hire you wish to purchase the hot tub or spa you are hiring, or any other hot tub or spa we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Should you wish to purchase the hot tub or spa you have on hire we will be happy to include your hire costs in any agreed price. All hot tubs and spas shall still be subject to a guarantee in these circumstances.

you will be supplied with ample chemicals for the duration of your hire period, DO NOT USE OR ADD ANY OTHER CHEMICALS TO YOUR WATER OTHER THAN THOSE SUPPLIED BY US. Not even bubble bath, foam bath or washing up liquid of any description, failure to comply with these instructions may cause SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE BODY AND SKIN.




Click to view the Spa n a Box

Click to view the

Spa n a Box

Hire from £135.00

The Swift Current Spa For Hire

Click to view the

Swift Spa

Hire from £135.00

Click to view the Canterbury

Click to view the


Hire from £160.00

Click to view the Omni

Click to view the Omni

Hire from £220.00

Relax hot tub for hire

Click to view the Relax

Hire from £275.00


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